Philosophies & Vision

At Southwestern Travel, our vision is to become the best and most trusted travel company for groups worldwide by embodying the principals set forth by our 160-year-old family of companies. Our mission is to curate memorable trips of a lifetime while building character through extraordinary adventures. We so believe in the power of travel that we are devoted to cultivating connectedness through adventures, empowerment and self-confidence through exploration, and new life experiences that are educational and exciting. Our purpose is to open up the world to our travelers and create positive change in their lives. As a part of that pursuit, we believe in:  


  • Promoting Southwestern Travel and it’s company philosophies to the world
  • We believe that we are in the business to serve our customers, and the way to maintain customers is to always give more value than we charge for.
  • Putting other people first because we know that we rise by lifting others
  • Looking to find the silver lining in every situation so we keep our "CAN DO" attitude
  • Knowing change is good and that change means we are staying progressive and innovative
  • Seeing people not for who they are, but for who they can become
  • Having integrity and doing what we preach, even when no one is watching
  • Setting goals, using positive self-talk and never limiting ourselves in what we can accomplish
  • Being for what is right and not who is right
  • When problems arise, we assume the best in people and work with focus on the solution
  • Being coachable and in continual and never-ending personal and professional growth
  • The power of faith and believing we are strong enough to overcome any obstacle
  • The difficult can be done right away, the impossible takes just a little longer
  • All problems can be solved within five feet of where they happen, not miles away in an office
  • Working passionately and inspiring others to do what they love

Most of all, we believe in being examples of growth, positivity, passion and integrity in every area of our lives and business. We are committed to building a company that creates a lasting legacy by building people. We are proud to represent Southwestern Travel as part of the Southwestern Family of Companies and we will work continually towards helping people achieve their goals in life.

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